The Beginning

Hi, my name is Mackenzie (you can call me Mack), I am 25 years old and from the Gold Coast, Australia, I am a qualified Personal Trainer and love all things health and wellbeing.

I’m sure a lot of people can relate when I say that the pandemic changed me. I went through a lot of personal growth in 2020, things I used to worry about now no longer bother me, some friendships fizzled, a lot of new ones blossomed and my perspective on life itself shifted, in a positive way.

I love the quote, “whatever happens is meant to be”, the old me would be trying her hardest to control everything life threw at her right now! However, this pandemic (although devastating), forced many of us to step back, let go and press our RESTART buttons, which for me, was a blessing in disguise.

The pandemic supplied a lot of down-time (lockdowns) which created a space to start something that was once just a dream, my very own activewear brand, Ebb and Flow Apparel. The phrase Ebb and Flow represents the coming and going, the decline and regrowth; much like life itself and our many phases. Ebb and Flow Apparel encourages change and supports everyone through their journeys (health related or not). I want everyone to feel empowered and supported when they wear my brand and know that Ebb and Flow Apparel has your back throughout life’s ups and downs.

The colour palette is based on the hues of the Gold Coast (my home), everything from the beautiful beaches to our lush hinterland.  Our fabrics are high quality, super comfortable, lightweight and breathable. The pieces are designed for your daily adventures whether it’s a hike, trip to the grocery store, pilates class or sunset beach walk with your besties.

This is only the beginning and I have big plans for Ebb and Flow, but I’d like to thank everyone who has, or is currently supporting my brand and helping my dream turn into a reality.

Remember, Ebb and Flow Apparel will ride the waves of life right there beside you.

Much love and gratitude,

Mack xx


Brand owner, Mackenzie Stewart. Sitting on rainbow stairs in Main, Gold Coast. Wearing Flow Jumper and Pocket Shorts